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Title: No regrets
Characters/Pairings: past!Allison/Stephen, past!Helen/Stephen, unrequited!Abby/Stephen, maybe unrequited!Nick/Stephen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 475
Summary: Set around S1Ep3. Stephen helps Allison move into a new flat and they talk about work, friendship, Stephen's hotness, and Nick's erection.  

Written for the January team fest, using hiddencait's prompt: Stephen/Allison - no regrets
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Title: Moving On
Fandom: Primeval
Characters/Pairing: Becker/Ditzy, past!Ditzy/Ryan, past!Connor/Nick
Rating: PG-13 (sorry)
Word Count: 930
A/N: This was intended as a birthday present for the wonderful fififolle, but I'm not exactly on good terms with my Primeval muse atm so this is ridiculously late. I still hope you like it.

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Some of you will get this twice, sorry, but I'm pretty sure I have a couple of people here that are not friends with me on my other journal sunsetdawn20. I posted a gift writing meme thingy, where anybody can claim a day and I will write one of the prompts they leave. I chose to do this in January because life will be much calmer then for me I think. I know it's still ages away but check it out and prompt. Just think about it LATE CHRISTMAS GIFTS! :P


When Ghosts Turn Flesh and Blood (S4 AU)

title: When Ghosts Turn Flesh and Blood
characters: Becker, Helen, Jess, Lester, Connor, Abby
pairings: Becker/Helen, Becker/Jess, Becker/Matt implied
rating: pg-13
word count: 2.820
warning: I have not come to terms with "Hilary" and never will, for me it continues to be his top secret middle name.
summary: Set right after S4Ep4. Becker gets an unexpected visitor.

NOTE: Inspired by Becker’s injury, my on-and-off dislike for Jess, and Matt saying he can’t remember his years at school. I HAVE NOT SEEN THE REST OF S4 AS OF YET, so this was meant as speculation when I wrote it months ago.


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sam west

Back with two vids

OMG she's still alive... and has vids to post! wooooot... I made these quite some time ago I just never got around to post them.

title: Everything Made Dear
pairing: Sam/Frank (my OCs)
other characters (in  order of appearance): Ryan, Stephen; Jon Lyle (fred's oc), Blade(fred's oc), Ditzy(fred's oc), Kermit (fred's oc) & family, Chris Parker (my oc), Malcolm Davis (telperion_15's oc), Dave Sullivan (my oc), Kalti (verito295's oc), Maurice Bentley (my oc)
rating: pg-13

title: To Hurt Like You
crossover: primeval/criminal minds
main pairing: Sam/Emily Prentiss
characters: Primeval - Frank, references to Stephen/Ryan, Criminal Minds - Reid, Morgan, Hotch, Garcia
rating: r (because Sam has a potty mouth)


Confessions of a Lunatic

Ok, I need to ramble a bit about this or I might go crazy.

The fact that S4 of Primeval has started airing makes me nervous. I've felt nervous about it for a few months now but as the date approached it got even worse. I shouldn't feel like this, it's completely ridiculous, I'm not even sure why I do.

I mean, I know for a fact that anything that comes in S4 and 5 will most probably have nothing to do with my version of canon (which I should have beaten myself into writing properly bloody months ago), so whatever they do with canon won't affect my world. And anyway, Denial is our daily bread, and I really can't be accused of being a canon-whore, you all know that, so IT SHOULDN'T BLOODY MATTER!!!

And yet here I am, feeling TERRIFIED that the first fic containing spoilers for S4 appeared on my f-list. And it's driving me nuts that I can't even download the ep bc my internet has been acting up lately, so it just feels like S4 is this faceless enemy looming there just out of reach.

Yes I am perfectly aware of how ridiculous I sound. *sighs*

It doesn't help either that both youtube and vimeo refused to upload my Primeval OC vidlet, saying "unknown error occured". WTF?